Rugby World Cup 1991 - Winners Australia

The 1991 Rugby World Cup was probably one of the very best and was staged in Great Britain, Ireland and France and it was fully expected that New Zealand would be hard to beat following their success 4 year earlier.

This Rugby World Cup can be best remembered for two moments, the first of which was the quarter final match at Lansdowne Road on a very gloomy winters day but there was nothing gloomy about the Irish Performance, and they were running the Australians very close when the Irish scored with a few minutes to go to take the lead. They failed to hang on though as the Wallabies from the restart scored a great try to take them to the semis.

In the final against England, the English had a great chance to score a try with David Campese the only defender to beat but he stood his ground and the English missed the chance and Campese himself played a great game and saw his team home for their first Rugby World Cup victory.