Handicap Betting

Rugby Handicap Betting | World Cup Handicaps Bets

One of the more popular Rugby World Cup bets will be handicap betting. The introduction of Handicaps betting on each match was introduced by bookmakers in order to encourage people to bet on matches that had a very uneven look to them. Therefore in the Rugby World Cup Odds when you pitch one of the leading teams against one of the minnows the experts will set a handicap giving the weaker team a points start, thus known as a handicap.

Handicap betting caught on so well that the concept became an integral part of Rugby Betting as even when two teams are quite well matched the bookies offer a small handicap for the less well fancied team as well as the outright market.

Interestingly Betfair offer a number of handicaps on each game so you can choose to play whichever handicap you wish depending on your viewpoint of the game.

One Rugby World Cup Tips to point out with Handicaps betting is that is usually pays to have the points on your side and also it tends to pay to play these markets on Betfair as generally the handicap is only overtaken late in the game and there is usually an opportunity trade your position during the match.